Jeff PhotoJeff McCrum lives in New Jersey where he spends his weekends (and some weeknights) shooting night photography. He uses a Canon 5D Mark II but enjoys dabbling in film with his medium format Kowa Super 66, which he typically shoots monochrome, or with one of the several Polaroids he owns. The Polaroid 680 SLR is a personal favorite due to its ability to take long-exposure shots.

Night photography gives him a chance to see the world differently - to focus on the quiet solitude of light and shadow and the beauty of textures, varying color pallettes, and forms. The spaces are quiet, and the solitude gives time to sit and observe light during long exposures and to see a different world than the one we normally see in full-spectrum daylight.

His photographic work has been greatly influenced by a number of people along the way, from artists such as Monet, Cezanne, Hopper, Adams and Evans to contemporary photographers like Tom Paiva, Troy Pavia, Christopher Payne, Stanley Greenberg, Lance Keimig, Joe Reifer, and Light Art Performance Photography. Jeff's current fascinations include industrial areas, abandoned buildings and low-light conditions (hopefully all three). He hopes you enjoy his work.

Please feel free to check out his work at his facebook page or at his etsy store.