Jeff's facebook page and his etsy store
Shehab Hossain's Imaginoor photography
Greg Emetaz's Minor Apocalypse, a media powerhouse
John Martin's JFM Digital
Fine artist Jeannette Martin's Studio

Thomas Carey, Architect
Vincent Mounier's Coriolistic Anachronisms
Gabriel Biderman's Ruinism, which will take you wonderous places. Not to mention an incredible workshop instructor
Matt Hill Art, night photographer, cut paper artist, all-around nice guy
Michael James Murray, film artist

Brooklyn's own Francis Hollenkamp
Incredible large format industrial night photography from Tom Paiva
Kay Kenny shooting in New Hampshire and the Hudson Valley
Vermont's lucky to have the Darkroom Gallery
Boston's Dan Squires exploring more night photography

Boston's Dan Baird-Miller doing incredible work with homebrewed cameras
San Francisco's Nocturnes
Canada's favorite DJ/light artist duo of The Latest Artists
Night photographer, kite photographer: Scott Haefner is the guy we should all aspire to
Ian Lozada Wedding Photography

Local ruin historian Rob Yasinsac has a staggeringly valuable resource with his photos from Hudson Valley Ruins
Photographer Steven Bley
Stephanie Parenti, painter